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Cashless Payments app for vending machine
Limited Offer
for Free Drink!
Scan your QR code

Scan your QR code,
Collect your drink.

acure pass is an new cashless app for
vendingmachines. It allows you to buy
drinks in bulk , exchange points for
drinks and receive offers for free drinks.

Convenient locations for acure vending
machines in JR East-Japan stations
Full list Innovation Vending Machine locations

Redeem acure points
for a drink

If you pair with Acure Members, you can earn
your acure points by purchasing drinks through
the app and through promotions.


If you register your Suica in the Acure Members,
you can earn points through purchases with your Suica
from any acure vending machines
*Suica is a registered trademark of JR-East.Register Acure Members here.

Get acure points
by purchasing on app

Redeem a drink
with 30 acure points

Get acure points
by purchasing on app

Redeem a drink
with 30 acure points

Check Offers
for Free Drinks

Get a free drink and offers by answering a questionnaire


Easy to Buy on app

Buy in bulk and schedule purchases to receive a discount.
You can collect drinks at a desired station if it is in stock.


Send a drink gift on app

You can send gifts to your friends and colleagues by sending a URL with LINE, Facebook, and Twitter.




You can see the lists of drinks' details

You can see where the drink
has been sold out


Select drinks by reviews

You can select drinks from
reviews or their packaging


You can exchange your drink.

If you cannot collect drinks near your place,
exchange drinks for others.


Download and improve your commute!

About acure pass and
Innovation Vending Machines

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